Profit Share

Foonix pays an annual share of the percentage respective to the brand the investors invested in, that is mentioned in the investor information.

Yes! Foonix offers prefered shares based on its brands.

The minimum return on investment is 5-6%. But, the projection is expected to be more, that would be a minimum of 13.7-14%.

You can either invest or become an investor cum co-founder, and this varies from brand to brand in Foonix. You can use the submit your interest here. And, we will contact you.


Foonix’s annual report will be available from the financial year 2019-20 on our website.

Yes! Foonix’s quarterly report will be available on the website from Q3 2019.

Foonix’s financial year runs from April 1 through March 31.

Corporate Info

The corporate website map contains a variety of links to information about Foonix.

Foonix is a proprietary firm – a parent brand, It is products & technology based company. And, Foonix has raised funds via angel investments and banks.

Information on the Board Members and their responsibilities is available here.

At Foonix we recognize our responsibility to minimize the environmental impacts of our operations and products.

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